Lapicida DiVita Sauna Spa

Di Vita is a new home and lifestyle collection curated by Lapicida, the leading tile and stone specialist.

Have the unprecedented events of recent times placed your physical wellbeing and mental health even higher on your personal list of priorities? It is completely understandable if they have. With this in mind, Lapicida has sought to address the equilibrium and achieve a sense of wellness in your home with Di Vita.

Di Vita Home & Lifestyle Collection

Showcased against sumptuous backgrounds, in our impressive Harrogate showroom, the collection offers a wide range of luxury home and lifestyle products. Spa and gym equipment, natural wood flooring, handmade rugs, traditional and contemporary mirrors – they breathe style, health, vitality and happiness into interiors.

Appointments to view the collection are available to book now. Please contact our Sales team on +44 (0)1423 400 100 or email to arrange.

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Lapicida DI VITA homes and lifestyles collection on display at Harrogate show room

Luxury Fitness Equipment

An iconic collection of premium gym equipment designed to revitalise you, your home and lifestyle. Perfect for those wishing to recreate a luxury resort feel at home.

Chosen to fit seamlessly into your home or private studio space, this exclusive collection includes freeweights, balance trainers, fitness balls, punching bags, wall bars and bench presses. Each piece is crafted from the finest materials including natural wood, genuine leather, steel and bronze.

Lapicida DI VITA homes and lifestyles collection includes premium gym equipment

State-of-the-art Spa

Turning up the style even higher, the Di Vita collection also features state-of-the-art saunas. Combining a traditional heritage aesthetic with technological innovation and modernity, they provide the luxury of a wellness retreat from the comfort of your own home. 

Saunas form a regenerating ritual, which tunes the body and mind and brings you back in harmony with our world. Crafted from thermo-treated Ash wood, features include digital controls and integrated audio speakers for complete control and relaxation.

Lapicida DI VITA homes and lifestyles collection

Natural Wood Flooring

Combining arboreal beauty with a commitment to sustainability and quality materials, Lapicida now offers the finest in natural wood flooring. Expertly crafted, they enhance your connection with nature, working to improve your health and wellbeing from the ground up. 

These remarkable fine wood floors sit perfectly alongside our collection of natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles. Combined, they can create striking floor designs. 

Rhine Chevron from Ted Todd Floors Woodwork Collection (below right)
Lapicida DI VITA homes and lifestyles collection includes fine wood flooring

Luke Irwin Rug Collection

Di Vita also showcases a selection of Luke Irwin hand-knotted custom-made rugs in a variety of styles, colours and patterns, traditionally crafted and ethically produced in India and Nepal.

The importance of rugs in a space is greatly underestimated. In the words of Luke Irwin himself, “A rug is the cornerstone or foundation on which all the disparate elements and personality within a room are bound together. In such cases the rug should almost be the last thing you notice on entering a room, silently providing a basis for the harmony of a scheme.”

Lapicida DI VITA homes and lifestyles collection includes hand-knotted rugs

Expert Advice

For more information or to book an appointment to discuss the individual merits of the new Di Vita Collection with a Lapicida expert, please call our showroom on +44 (0)1423 400 100 or register your interest with our Sales team.

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