Lapicida Lifestyle Elements Metal Mint 60X60 wall tiles
Elements Porcelain Collection

Diverse new range of Italian porcelain

Inspired by new technologies and the natural world, Elements by Lapicida is a collection of Italian porcelain tiles. It features five distinct ranges: Earth, Concrete, Stone, Metal and Wood.

Nature inspired surfaces are a popular choice as they imbue a sense of calm, depth and reassurance in interiors. As we have been spending a larger proportion of our time indoors, the desire to strengthen our connection with nature whilst improving personal wellbeing shows no sign of abating.

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Lapicida Lifestyle Elements Earth Calce tile
Lapicida Lifestyle Elements Wood Dorato Plank
Lapicida Lifestyle Elements Stone tiles

Do you prefer classic charm…

Or contemporary style?

From bold to neutral

Each range is designed to capture the real look, beauty and texture of their natural element. Whether you are trying to achieve a bold and impactful look with our Elements Concrete, or a calm and neutral feel with our Elements Wood, we aim to provide you with products that will suit any interior mood.

Lapicida Lifestyle Elements Stone Itria
Lapicida Bathroom Elements Metal Copper wall tiles
Lapicida Bathroom Elements Wood Beige

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