Montpellier Taupe porcelain tiles are used with great success on their own and in combination with other surfaces to achieve very different looks. To help with interior schemes’ choices, we have compiled two very different mood boards. We explore those surfaces, colours and textures work well with this incredibly versatile surface.


Warm Modernity

Our second mood board ‘Warm Modernity’ demonstrates how you can create a modern classical interior scheme with Montpellier Taupe.

The exquisite architecture of Vincent Van Duysen inspired our second mood board.  We wanted to show how the warm tones of Montpellier Taupe, reminiscent of our original Genuine Antique Barr de Montpellier could appeal to a modern aesthetic. 

Montpellier Taupe, the background of this mood board, has the appearance of stone floor tiles with an extraordinarily rich provenance that dates back to the 18th century. Yet by combining Montpellier Taupe with high-specification surfaces it somehow takes on a very modern look. 

Contemporary Combination

Whether set against the crisp white of marble, the copper tones of metal or a traditional wood, Montpellier Taupe looks fresh and modern.

So, which products work with Montpellier Taupe to create a really good and balanced interior space?  We chose Illusion, one of our most intriguing porcelains. Available in three colourways – grey, beige and white, it is designed to mimic limestone with its impressions of fossil shells and mineral nuances.

Finally, add a handmade Italian ceramic tile with a crackled glaze as a finishing touch, and Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath (6) for your paintwork, and you have a rare combination of modernity and warmth.

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