There is one interiors trend that has gathered momentum over the past 12 months and it is incredibly deceptive, but in a positive way. Feature walls and floors are becoming an increasingly popular way to use decorative finishes to add natural colour and interesting textures to spaces. 

Lapicida Boisée Batonett Dark feature wall
Lapicida Chianti Rovere stylish flooring

These beautiful, often striking surfaces deceive the eye because they replicate the look of wood, marble and stone quite brilliantly, by using new generation porcelain production technology. But why do this when the natural materials themselves are available?

The practicalities of using natural materials can sometimes be challenging in terms of access, weight and fixing. This is why, alongside our premium stone and marble surfaces, we now offer a range of ‘get the look’ porcelain alternatives. Prices are extremely reasonable, enabling interior designers to stretch precious decorating budgets much further.

Constantly advancing technology and production techniques have transformed porcelain into the true chameleon of surface materials. Today, it can assume the look and feel like anything form timber to concrete, mirror, marble and limestone – even antique stone. However, it is wood-effect porcelains that this article explores.

The Lapicida Porcelain Wood range is on-trend and offers the authenticity of genuine wood, but with all the inherent practicalities and ease of porcelain. Thinner, more stable and more durable than genuine timber, these surfaces are perfect for high traffic areas, including kitchens, playrooms, hallways and bathrooms, in addition to commercial and retail applications.

New Chianti Collection

New to the Lapicida porcelain wood range is the ‘Chianti’ Collection, (pictured above centre). Every surface in the collection is suitable for both indoor and outdoor walls and interiors. These textured planks are incredibly practical, yet bring real warmth and character to any space. Chianti is available in four handsome colourways – Castagno, Natural, Quercia and Rovere – which offer all the complex colour graduations and grain detail of natural wood. So, they are perfectly suited for both modern and classic design schemes.

New Boisée Collection

Another exceptional collection new to Lapicida is Boisée (shown above left). With incredible attention to detail, this porcelain wood really is hard to distinguish from the real thing. Available in wide range of styles from a traditional Versailles pattern to a strip mosaic and a versatile diamond shape. Boisée features exquisite details such as grains, knots and gnarls found in natural wood. It comes in five distinct colourways – Black Ash, Dark Mahogany, Belgian Oak, Light Oak and White Ash, which truly are eye-catching.


‘Kingswood’ takes the visual replication of natural wood to another level. This impressive range of porcelain wood tiles had been specifically and painstakingly designed to perfectly imitate the look of sawn timber. Suitable for both interior and exterior walls and floors, Kingswood is available in planks and also in the Versailles parquet design, with the option of four wonderfully soft tones. 


The Lenke collection comprises a range of stylish wood-effect porcelain planks designed to replicate the look and feel of natural wood. The surface has a unique textured finish which is incredibly smooth to the touch. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for those looking to run a floor from the house through to the garden.

Explore the Possibilities

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