Whenever decorating is mentioned, most people immediately think of paint and wallpaper. However, why limit yourself when you can also decorate with stone and tiles.


There are infinite ways in which you can use the natural pattern, texture and colour of these wonderful and highly practical surface materials to create interest in your home renovation or interior design scheme.

‘Off The Wall’ is our latest design insight that explores the myriad of different ways in which you can exploit natural stone, texture and decorative tiles through inspired design and expert fabrication.


Natural stone is often a fantastic way to create a dramatic feature wall as the raw material brings a unique quality and character to a scheme. In fact, it is often a work of art in itself.

One such example is Biblical. This beautiful limestone has a hand-distressed finish which really brings both texture and tone to an interior scheme. Emulating antique stone, it is ideal for designers and home owners who are looking to create an authentic look at a lower price point. This characterful surface is suitable for internal wall applications including wet areas and is a very popular product for spas or saunas. Biblical limestone is available in a range of different shades from warm ivory to dark grey and grey gold. Small samples are available for anyone wishing to get a real feel for this product.

Heathcliffe is a genuine antique English reclaimed sandstone product. This reverse face wall tile has a rustic look and feel, dates back to the 18th century and is completely unique to Lapicida. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications and has been used to great effect in both cool and hot climates.


New-generation ceramics and porcelain are growing in popularity all the time. It’s easy to see why the products are versatile, the designs fabulous and the price point competitive. These new-generation of tiles use high-definition print and production processes to create stunning and deceptively realistic designs.

Comillas and Chester ceramic tiles bring a decorative finish to both contemporary and traditional interiors. Drawing on the grand, geometric patterns of Victorian encaustic tiles, they combine the luxury and grandeur of period style with all the practicality of modern ceramics. Both are light, durable and easy to maintain and suitable for interior walls and floors.

Silver Mirror is from a collection of porcelain tiles that convincingly reproduce the subtle reflections, shades and patina of antiqued mirror glass. It’s on trend for both vintage-inspired and highly contemporary walls and floors. Plus, because Silver Mirror tiles are porcelain, they can even be used on exterior walls.

Expertly curated, the Lapicida porcelain collection works alongside our premium marble and stone. The two collections sit well together and can often be used on the same projects. Some areas have specific requirements which stone cannot fulfil as easily as porcelain, particularly where there are weight or thickness issues.


Lapicida provides a totally bespoke service. One that confidently realizes any design from designer floor tile patterning and stone wall murals to intricate waterjet-cut fine art centerpieces in stone and semi-precious stones. Our 3D natural stone tiles and mouldings add an extra dimension to interior schemes. Sculpted with artistic flair and complete precision, they create tactile feature walls that captivate.

The three examples pictured above perfectly illustrate our ‘Off The Wall’ design insight:

Seta Carrara CNC cut Wave (above left) is a stunning 600x600mm tile shower back, shown here in this contemporary bathroom with Thassos AAA 600x600mm floor tiles.

Breeze (above centre) is a full tiled wall from Lapicida’s exclusive 3D geometric collection.

Inspired by the famous painting of ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt, this entirely bespoke combination of black and ivory stone and gold metal (above right) creates a stunning and completely unique feature wall that is exclusive to Lapicida.


Lapicida is the premier one-stop shop for all types of hard surfaces. Our diverse product offering includes natural stone, marble, tiles and slab, antique reclaimed stone, new-generation porcelains, ceramics and man-made tiles. For more information or to speak to a stone and tile expert, call us on 01423 400 100 or contact us here.

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