As the leading specialist in floor and wall surfaces, it’s our mission at Lapicida to revolutionise surface design by curating collections of exciting new products. Stunning designs and materials that embrace new advances in technology from all over the world.

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Lifetile is one of our boldest collections yet. It delivers a huge diversity of innovative, sustainable floor and wall surfaces that are designed for a wide range of commercial and domestic projects.


Featuring audacious flourishes of colour, wonderfully exotic patterns and timeless neutral tones, Lifetile pushes the potential of ceramic and new-generation porcelain tiles to the very limits.

Each Lifetile product is designed to sync with natural stone products and break boundaries between aspiration and budget.


One of the most eye-catching contemporary designs in the new Lifetile Collection is Fluidity. Available in either an almost psychedelic Multi colourway or Black, the swirling fluid shapes give a feel of organic movement.

Making an elegant yet strong statement, Massa D’oro Bookmatch is a large format porcelain marble-effect slab that is perfect for making dramatic feature walls. The combination of warm golds and intricate veining detail is extraordinary.

Ever popular monochrome surfaces are well-represented in Lifetile, too. Style Pietra Grey Porcelain is a dark grey porcelain large format tile with well-defined veining and has immense presence in modern interiors.


Wood floor and wall surfaces look timeless. However, the problem with genuine timber is its durability and resistance to, moisture, warping and marking. Advanced porcelain manufacturing now means that natural wood floors and panelling can be replicated so convincingly, they are almost impossible to distinguish. Craftwood porcelain planks are available in four tones: Royal, Oleum, Natur and Vapor, and have incredibly detailed grain, texture and lustre. Kingswood is a wood-effect Versailles-style parquet large format porcelain tile that creates a commanding decorative timber-effect floor.


The other side to Lifetile is a wide spectrum of neutrally toned yet fascinatingly textured and patterned surfaces. Faded Opulence Boiserie, Grey, Ivory, and Rope recreate the effect of elegant time-worn plaster and panelling, whilst Roses is reminiscent of concrete affected by time with the added charm of faded blooms.

Fior Di Bosco Porcelain tiles emulate a contemporary marble. Georgette Grey porcelain has the appearance and texture of vein-cut marble. Brindisi Select is actually porcelain you would swear is natural limestone paving.

Finally, Wainscot ceramic wall tiles bring a splash of contemporary colour combined with traditional design to the collection.


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