There are numerous ways to add real drama to interiors. Colour, pattern and texture can all contribute, however one of the most effective things that adds impact is scale. That is why large format slab surfaces are perfectly suited to creating feature walls.

Stunning new range of porcelain slab

New-generation porcelain manufacturing techniques are responsible for making incredible advances in interior surface creation. What was previously unthinkable is now entirely possible on a truly epic scale.

Our exciting range of new-generation decorative porcelain slab features four eye-catching designs. The sheer scale of them is breath-taking as each measures 2780 x 1200 x 6mm.

Made to order, all four of these impressive surfaces have been chosen for their appeal and intrigue. Combine and complement with our range of  porcelain and natural stone tiles for full effect.

Lapicida Botanist Porcelain Slab with flowers, birds and butterflies
Lapicida Paradiso Orange porcelain slab
Lapicida San Pietro Blue shabby chic porcelain slab tile


Continuing our fascination with nature, Madam porcelain slab (featured top) showcases ‘lepidoptera’ ­–  a myriad of exotic butterflies arranged in the fashion of entomological specimens found in a natural history museum. Big, bold and highly detailed, Madam is a hugely captivating and unusual contemporary porcelain slab.


Inspired by beautifully observed pen, ink and delicate watercolour wash illustrations of natural flora and fauna, Botanist (above left) is a wonderfully free-flowing design with an uplifting sensation. The scale of what are traditionally small illustrations in a notebook is magnified and juxtaposed by the slab format.

Paradiso Orange

Inspired by highly decorative patterns reminiscent of antique silk rugs, Paradiso Orange (above centre) takes a traditional pattern and reinvents it with a modern orange, blue and grey colour palette. On a grand scale, the effect is mesmerising and the attention to detail is equal to that of the finest Persian carpet.

San Pietro Blue

Complex and contemporary, San Pietro Blue (above right) depicts a multi-layered historical landscape of decorative surface designs. With an almost archaeological aesthetic, overlapping and contrasting mosaic effects and brick patterns give a feeling of permanence and movement all at one.

Porcelain practicality

Every surface in our new-generation Porcelain Slab range is as equally practical as beautiful. Being porcelain, they are inherently durable and easy to install and maintain. Once installed, they require minimal attention in terms of cleaning, yet they grab maximum attention from all who enjoy them.

Explore the possibilities

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