Despite looking precisely like centuries-old reclaimed limestone, Montpellier Taupe is actually Lapicida’s latest porcelain surface. We have just installed it at our Harrogate showroom and we, and visitors, really can’t stop looking at it.

We have been searching everywhere for this incredible surface and it was truly worth the effort and wait. We were on a quest to find an incredibly versatile surface that is entirely practical and looks 100 percent authentic in both a traditional setting or a contemporary home. Montpellier Taupe is unique and is already proving to be extremely popular with our customers.

Exclusive to Lapicida

Montpellier Taupe is an innovative porcelain tile that is reminiscent of our reclaimed Genuine Antique Barr de Montpellier. It’s exclusive to Lapicida in the UK and provides the perfect blend of modernity and tradition. It has all the enduring charm, beauty and strength of ancient stone, but with the practicality and durability of new-generation porcelain.

Aesthetically, it effortlessly suits different styles of interiors from the ultra-contemporary to the deeply historic. It’s something of a chameleon, too. In a modern environment, Montpellier Taupe appears to have a concrete finish, whilst in a more rustic space, it looks remarkably like reclaimed stone. How is that possible?

Indistinguishable from stone

Today’s cutting-edge porcelain production techniques mean that natural materials, such as stone and wood, are capable of being replicated in a way that makes it almost impossible to distinguish them from the real thing.

Montpellier Taupe looks and feels very much like stone. It is a lovely warm colour that works particularly well against oak furniture and brass or copper tones. It blends beautifully with different types of surfaces and materials and contrasts well with a range of colours.

As one of Lapicida’s new core products, Montpellier Taupe is available for immediate despatch and destined to be used in a range of applications across both domestic and commercial markets. Floor or wall? Inside or out? Montpellier Taupe is an elegant and practical solution. It looks superb and performs perfectly in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and hallways. Plus, because it is porcelain, it is incredibly durable and easy to maintain which makes it ideally suited to heavy traffic areas.

Designed to complement

Montpellier Taupe isn’t designed to completely replace natural stone, in fact, it’s designed to be combined with stone surfaces. How? Well, for example you can retain the original stone for steps and combine it with Montpellier Taupe porcelain for the floor to deliver a modern, yet classic solution.

Finally, Montpellier Taupe is eminently affordable. It cost from £59 per sqm ex VAT and is currently available as 910 x 605mm tiles.

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