Natural stone, such as marble and ultra-realistic new-generation porcelains, often have fascinating and highly dramatic veining. The colours and veins vary from fine and subtle in colour to bold and attention-grabbing.

Lapicida Bookmatch luxury marble tile design

One way to draw attention to and exploit their beauty is to create a feature wall where the colour and veining take centre stage. Bookmatching is where two adjacent tiles are positioned side by side, a mirror image of each other. Quartermatching is where four tiles are positioned as a ‘reflection’ of each other, vertically and horizontally.

How Does the Process Work?

To achieve a bookmatch effect with natural marble, slabs are cut from the same block of marble and laid side by side to create a ‘mirror image’. The veins in the marble are matched to create a beautiful pattern. Cut sequentially, the ‘matching faces’ of the cut slabs are placed next to each other. The action is reminiscent of an ‘open book’ hence the term ‘bookmatch’.

Lapicida Bookmatch porcelain marble tile design

The quartermatch effect is achieved in a similar way, but the process requires two sets of slabs that are the mirror image of each other. By rotating and matching them you can create different configurations. Each a beautiful, yet unique pattern.

Using Porcelain Tiles

Well versed in using marble, Lapicida has also mastered the art of quarter and bookmatching with porcelain slab. Advances in technology has seen the introduction of new-generation porcelain slabs, which have been designed to mimic natural marble. Although nothing can replace the beauty of natural stone, these new-generation porcelains come very close. They are extremely versatile products, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and suited to both residential and commercial projects.

Lapicida Bookmatch marble design solution

Matching your expectations

We have an extensive range of bookmatch and quartermatch natural stone and porcelain surfaces. If you are looking to create a feature wall for a project and want to discuss the possibilities with a Lapicida expert, simply call +44 (0)1423 400 100 or email

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