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Antique Marble – Basketweave Bianco Nero Mosaic Porcelain

Lapicida at the Homes and Gardens Design Awards
Lapicida win at Homes and Gardens awards for Antique Marble BasketWeave mosaic flooring

“I couldn’t tell that this is porcelain– it looks so much like marble,” said Beata Heuman. “It’s totally timeless,” added Siobahn Farley. Those were the words of two of the esteemed judges of the Homes & Gardens Design Awards when faced with our Antique Marble Basketweave porcelain tiles.

Lapicida wins prestigious award

Lapicida was delighted to be announced as the winner of the best surface design category at the Homes & Gardens Design Awards 2019 in London last month.

The Homes & Gardens Design Awards were re-launched this year to coincide with the magazine’s 100thanniversary. For many years, the awards celebrated fabric and wallpaper alone, however, the new format now recognises great design throughout the home from gardens to accessories.

The Best Surface Design category was open to all types of surfaces including wood flooring, carpets, kitchen work surfaces, as well as stone and tiles. Lapicida was up against a great deal of competition but the judges were immediately impressed by the authenticity of the Antique Marble Basketweave – they simply refused to believe it was porcelain.

Antique Marble Porcelain Collection

Designed to replicate timeworn marble, Lapicida’s Antique Marble porcelain range features marks and nuances similar to those found on genuine antique stone. On close inspection, the surface feels and looks as though it has been weathered.

Jason Cherrington, Founder of Lapicida commented “Antique Marble porcelain is very authentic – it is proving very popular with our customers. We are seeing increasing demand for surfaces that mimic natural stone and marble, surfaces that will age well but are more practical to maintain and at the more realistic price point.”

Basketweave Bianco Nero Mosaic is just one of eight products within the Antique Marble range. It is made from a series of small black and white marble-effect porcelain tiles weaved in and out of each other and mounted on mesh backing. The pattern creates an almost 3D illusion which is absolutely mesmerising.

The event was held at Somerset House, a working arts centre built on historic foundations around one of the most beautiful courtyards in Europe. The winning designs from each category were displayed in a gallery-style format which allowed guests to experience the design first-hand. Lapicida would like to thank Homes & Gardens and also congratulate all the winners that can be seen here.

Seeing is Believing

If you would like to see our Antique Marble Collection for yourself, including our award-winning Basketweave Bianco Nero Mosaic, do please call in to our Harrogate showroom. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, either call 01423 400 100 or contact us here.

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