Audacious and arresting. Subtle and evocative. Colour has the unique ability to play with emotions. Our Lifetile curation of surfaces covers a wide spectrum of colours.

Lapicida Lifestyle Green Metal Textured Bedroom
Lapicida Bathroom project with Wainscot blush panel and vanilla plain surfaces

From vibrant oxidised metals and almost psychedelic collisions to lush organic tropical murals to subtle blooms. Here is just a selection from the palette.


Roses is a porcelain surface with wonderful natural tones that complement and work in harmony together:

Roses is a concrete-effect decorative porcelain tile with the pattern of faded roses. Available in a 1200 x 1200 x 9mm format with a natural finish.


Fluidity is a vibrant 895 x 895 x 7mm porcelain tile with an abstract pattern that takes inspiration from nature and the movement of water. Available in Multicolour and Black.

Wainscot Panel & Plain

Contemporary decorative wall panelling and is now possible with Wainscot (above centre) – our range of medium-format panelled and plain tiles: 

Wainscot ceramic wall tiles are sized 800 x 400 x 9mm and perfect for creating on trend decorative wall panelling. Panels available in a range of soft yet vibrant tones – Gypsum, Obsidian, Blush, Turquoise and Carnelian. Wainscot Plain is available in Vanilla, Gypsum, Silver, Breeze and Blossom.

Green Metal

Finally, this wonderful texture complete our Lifetile Colour collection:

Green Metal is a porcelain tile with an authentic zinc patina. Available in size 1200 x 600 x 7mm in a Natural or Textured finish. Works well with the Green Metal Hexagon.

Explore the Possibilities

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