We’ve been hearing a lot about ‘City Sleek’ in terms of trends recently, so we decided to explore the style further and get under the skin of this contemporary look.

Lapicida Livingroom - Alora Terracotta Porcelain Tile
Lapicida Silestone Kitchen Bianco Calacatta
Lapicida Neuvo Versylis Gris Floor Statuario-blanco-wall Marble Effect

In terms of fashion, City Sleek is the latest street smart style. But how does that translate into the world of interior design? Well, let’s throw out a few ideas.

We see it as small and functional. Everything is kept clean and minimal. Envisage apartment living. The colour palette is deliberately restricted. Think the perfect, modern pied de terre.

What Lapicida brings to the City Sleek design style is a collection of beautiful surfaces specifically curated for 21st century urban living.

That’s the City Sleek look, but who exactly does it appeal to?


Millennials appreciate modern, sleek lines in their homes. While modern techology is a must, they value natural materials such as wood and stone too. Rustic looks such as earthy brown Alora Mediterranean porcelain tiles (above left) used in an urban setting are surprisingly popular with this group

They enjoy creating contrasts and experimenting with mixing textures, such as natural wood next to something shiny and sleek. This generation seeks sustainable, natural materials but are also concerned with durability and practicality. They may covet the look of marble but realise that equally gorgeous man-made materials may be a better fit for their demanding 21st century lifestyles.

Get The City Sleek Millennial Look

City Sleek looks that Millennials identify with include:

Wood-effect porcelains such as Nordic Light combined with contemporary fixtures in a bathroom or kitchen.

A feature wall used to create a unique piece of art, like Bluetta Bookmatch porcelain.

Bookmatch marble or porcelain to add impact, see our various Bookmatch Marbles.

Reclaimed look floor tiles with ancient character in a modern style living space such as Villasse Mocha.

Floor tiles or splashbacks to match counter tops made of manmade stone or quartz like Dekton® or Silestone® Bianco Calacatta (above centre).


Designer-influenced urbanites adore the City Sleek look. They are actively looking for something truly unique that no one else has. For this group, it’s all about luxurious finishes, sumptuous surfaces and pure creativity.

Interestingly, what they have in common with millennials is a genuine desire to create a look that is timeless.

Achieve The City Sleek Designer Look

Designer-led City Sleek looks include:

Clean modern lines associated with inner city loft living and industrial surfaces like Loft Light.

Handmade mosaic tiles add interest to a modern kitchen – try Misto for a splash of colour.

Combining sumptuous wall treatments to create the ‘wow factor’ for example a statement wall offset with clever lighting and considered pieces of furniture. Our San Marino Venato Bookmatch marble or Motif Calacatta Gold Bookmatch porcelain tiles are perfect.

Mixing styles, eras and price points – try combining Nero Marquina black marble with a new-generation porcelain such as Nuevo Versylis Gris (above right).

Let’s Speak City Sleek

Whether you are wanting to create a modern authentic look or seeking a unique design, Lapicida will help you create the City Sleek look in your home or business at a variety of different price points. Simply call +44 (0)1423 400 100 or email enquiries@lapicida.com to speak to one of our experts.

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