Have you noticed that this season it seems like we are all celebrating ‘nature’. In fact, it is one of the most popular interior trends for this autumn, or fall if you’re stateside. Warm colours and organic patterns are high on the agenda.


This isn’t a narrow trend, it covers a wide design spectrum which opens up a whole world of possibilities.

At one end of the spectrum the ‘luxe look’ is back with gold leaf, copper and dark blues being much sought after. Meanwhile at the completely opposite end the ‘Nordic look’ is ever present in our minds, which is something we will be exploring in depth next month.

It’s time to really embrace the season by introducing a palette of rust reds and rich ochre yellows, earthy browns and moss greens, cool stone greys and intense dark blues into your home or interior scheme.

The Natural Look

Want to create a warm and welcoming space? Wood-effect porcelain tiles work particularly well. Inspired by natural woods such as birch and elm, Lapicida’s new Albero Rustico flooring range brings elegance and endurance to a scheme. From £39/M2 +VAT.

Whilst on the subject of enduring, the earthy tones of Porcelain Cotto Reclaimed (above left) is a trend that is set to stay. Available in two sizes, these terracotta type tiles are inherently versatile – use them to create a parquet floor look or a feature wall. They would work just as well in a boot room as in a Mediterranean villa. From £79/M2 +VAT.

If you’re looking for a natural stone that is guaranteed to add real opulence or drama to your scheme then Verde Alpi marble is a must. It almost feels alive with its rich green hues, light verdant veins and intricate markings that evoke forest trees, lichen and moss. From £190/M2 +VAT.

Recently, we’ve experienced a growing demand for dark blue surfaces. If it’s a contemporary look you are seeking, then the 4D porcelain range (above centre) fits the brief. These distinctive modern wall tiles – available in cobalt blue and warm white – resonate patterns found in the natural world. The 4D Drop porcelain reminds us of teardrops and rain, whilst the 4D Chevron evokes images of fir trees and 4D Hexagon of honeycomb. From £79/M2 +VAT.

The Luxe Look

Our second theme is ‘luxe’. But what does luxe mean in the context of design? Will we adorn our interiors with lavish surfaces and exquisite furniture or is it an uplift in quality that we are looking for?

You could take a direct shortcut to luxe. Introducing a timeless, classic marble into any space immediately creates a sense of luxury. Marble is very versatile and the design possibilities are endless. It works extremely well on floors, walls – in fact, in any room in the house. It complements other surfaces such as wood and leather, too.

Lapicida is renowned globally for its collection of marbles. Sourced from all over the world, our stone comes in a variety of formats and colours. Carrara, Crema Marfil and Nero Marquina are some of the most popular stones. However, Calacatta Oro Bookmatch (above right) is fabulous for creating the luxe look. Gold, grey and inky blue veins run through this fascinating stone making it a perfect choice for creating a high impact bookmatch marble feature wall. From £605/M2 +VAT.

Luxe doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive. If you’re looking to elevate the feel of the home, but don’t want to spend all your budget on high-end natural stone, or would prefer a product that is easier to maintain than marble, new-generation porcelains are definitely worth considering.

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