Eternal Antibacterial Surfaces

Eternal by Lapicida

Lapicida is proud to introduce ‘Eternal’ a new generation of high-performance antimicrobial surfaces which use technology to eradicate up to 99.9% of bacteria for life.

It has taken a global pandemic to really heighten awareness and sensitivity towards hygiene. It has made us all examine every aspect of how we interact with people and how we consider our environments. How we feel about the things that touch our lives.

The future of interior design, and in particular, how residential and commercial interiors can be safeguarded against the challenges we face, is suddenly in the spotlight. Yes, there are off the shelf cleaning solutions that can be repeatedly applied to fight bacteria. However, there are also technologically advanced surfaces that have antimicrobial properties infused into their physical structure.

Lapicida Eternal Antibacterial Surfaces

Latest Technology

Manufactured using the latest Microban(R) technology, these surfaces are practical, hygienic and completely weather resistant. Silver ions are integrated permanently into the tile which are active throughout the life of the product. When bacteria comes into contact with the treated surface, the protective layer blocks its metabolism, interrupting the lifecycle of the bacteria preventing it from spreading.

Semblance & Illusion Porcelain

Lapicida’s collection of antibacterial surfaces includes two ranges – Semblance and Illusion.

The new Semblance range of porcelain offers the authentic look and feel of marble but with all the benefits of porcelain and antimicrobial technology. Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, Semblance is available in both tile and slab format making is suitable for floors, walls and worksurfaces. It comes in four different colourways: Stone, Carbon, Desert and Moon.

Illusion is a range of porcelain wall and floor tiles that offers varieties of colour and strata, with impressions of fossil shells, limestone veins and mineral nuances – but with a protective shield that eliminates microbes and prevents their reproduction.

This high definition, new-generation thickened porcelain is ideally suited for high traffic areas and wet areas, such as swimming pools. Illusion is available in three different colourways – Beige, Grey and White, as well as a range of finishes including honed, matt, grip and textured.

Lapicida Eternal Antibacterial Surfaces

See the Future

Lapicida’s range of antibacterial surfaces are ideal for domestic use but also suitable for a wide range of commercial environments including hotels, leisure, healthcare, retail and schools. If you require more information please contact a member of our team here.

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