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Bethan Grey Herringbone Table
Lapicida works closely with leading international designers, including Bethan Gray. Using our technical expertise, advanced technologies and artisan craftsmanship, we collaborate to realise their ideas and produce entirely unique masterpieces in natural stone.
We own and operate Europe’s largest CNC Shaping Mill capable of precisely cutting 3D CAD designs or scanned objects into virtually any shape from any stone. We also hold Europe’s largest collection of luxury stone baths, basins and shower trays.
Stone basin

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Alchemy in Stone

Witness the miracle of bespoke for yourself. See what unique natural stone objects are being created by our two CNC Shaping Mills right now via our live streaming webcams. The larger shaping mill is one of only three in the world and the biggest in Europe. Computer controlled, it’s capable of sculpting intricate 3D shapes – from creating facsimiles of valuable statues to bespoke luxury stone baths – from solid blocks of natural stone weighing up to 25-tonnes. 

Taking shape now
Lapicida CNC Shaping Mill
Live stream
Witness the miracle of bespoke for yourself. See what unique natural stone objects are being created by our two CNC Shaping Mills right now via our live streaming webcams.
Alchemy in Stone
Lapicida CNC Shaping Mill
Discover how Lapicida’s 3D Scanner and advanced CNC Shaping Mill stone cutting technology combine to transform a block of virtually any stone into whatever you desire.
Walking on History
Lapicida stone
Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill of Blenheim Palace, The Duchess of Rutland of Belvoir Castle and Clifford Newbold of Wentworth Woodhouse discuss history and Lapicida.
Lapicida Luminarium RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014
Chelsea Flower Show 2014
Lapicida - Luminarium at RHS Chelsea
2min. 46sec.
Garden designer and presenter Joe Swift selects Lapicida's marble Luminarium designed by Diego Fortunato in the Cloudy Bay Sensory Garden as his best view of the show.
Lapicida - The Best
Lapicida - The Best
Lapicida - The Best in Natural Stone
1 min. 00 secs.
If you are the type of person who strives for the best in everything, Lapicida understands. This thought-provoking piece explores why Lapicida stone is the best.
Making of Maro
Making of Maro
Christopher Le Brun's sculpture Maro
5 min. 23 secs.
Christopher Le Brun, President of the Royal Academy, reveals the concept and realisation of 'Maro' - his 5m marble wing sculpted by Lapcida's CNC shaping mill.
Lapicida in the press
Press Area
Lapicida natural stone tiles, slab, floors, walls and bespoke objects are constantly featured in the international interior design press. Here you can browse some of the highlights at your leisure.

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Our stunning 140-page 'Inspiration' and exclusive 'Antique Reclaimed' natural stone brochures are free and available to order or download instantly. Printed brochures available whilst stocks last.

Lapicida showroom - natural stone entranceway
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Lapicida showrooms are dramatic and the best way to appreciate natural stone. We have showrooms in London, Harrogate, Oslo and Mallorca with a 5,000sq ft New York showroom opening in early 2014.

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