No one Lapicida customer is the same. Your visions, challenges and budgets are entirely unique. It is important to have meaningful dialogue because as quality tile and stone specialists, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience we can impart.

Lapicida’s passion and refusal to compromise is evident in everything we do. As the tile and stone experts, we have the technical design services to realise your most challenging ideas.

3D Objects

Entirely in-house, Lapicida can scan any object, from an existing priceless statue to a bespoke car you wish to replicate, and render it in 3D using sophisticated software.

Using one of the largest 5-Axis CNC Shaping Mill in the world, this object is then shaped from a single block of stone up to 25-tonnes in weight, then hand-finished by Lapicida master stonemasons. This service, available to all, has allowed our clients to realise their own designs in stone. Completed projects have included bespoke stone fireplaces, statues, baths and cars.

Waterjet Cut Designs

Our team can create incredibly beautiful geometric stone floors, intricately cut fine art floors and table tops, to your bespoke design. Our clients can work hand in hand with our in-house team from the earliest stage of the project. This ensures the types of stones are suitable for waterjet cutting and that designs can be fully developed. The technology makes virtually anything possible.

If you have a design that you thought was impossible in stone, or if you would like some advice on how to make the most of this technique, please contact a member of our team.

Computer Generated Imagery

When required, our Lapicida technical designers use an accurate wire-frame to create 3D computer generated imagery that will bring your designs to life.

Images of the stone are applied to individual models to provide life-like textures. This gives the client the flexibility to change their mind and easily experiment with different stone types before committing to an order.

Dry Lay Service

As part of our drive to deliver the very best product to our customers we offer a unique dry laying service. On receipt of detailed CAD drawings from your architect or designer, we dry lay all the stone, crafted for your interior, into place. This allows us to send photos for you to confirm that the stone tiles are as you had imagined and, if required, to make any changes prior to delivery and installation. Once approved, this exact floor will be delivered to you.


Bespoke gives you not only precisely what you require, but something that is genuinely unique. Share your vision with Lapicida and our bespoke stone cutting 2D and 3D capabilities will perform miracles in stone.

Lapicida technical designers work directly from the architect or designers actual drawings to ensure total design accuracy. Highly experienced, our designers have a complete understanding of how our materials and objects work and react within a particular space.

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