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From our range of antique reclaimed sandstone to hard wearing limestones, we have a full range of products suitable for your outdoor spaces. Where the use of some material may be determined by the climate and any chance of frost, other options are robust in nature and perfectly suited to the British climate.

If you are working on a project overseas where the sun shines from January through to December please speak to our sales team as there are any number of options for the warmer climate.

For more inspiration follow Lapicida on Instagram, or contact our Customer Service team for further assistance.

Using Reclaimed Flagstones

Antique English Flag

Textured Surfaces

featured material


featured material

Bordeaux Argento

featured material
Bordeaux Black Cobbles
featured material
Bordeaux Blue Cobbles
featured material
Bordeaux Black

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Carrara Refectory
Provence Vase
Birr Black Refectory
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