Bookmatching marble is a classic stonemasonry technique. It’s one of today’s key interior trends and its popularity shows no sign of waning.

But what exactly is bookmatching and where does Bluetta feature? Let’s start with bookmatching first. Large expertly cut marble slabs are opened out and aligned like an open book to create stunning geometric feature floors and walls. Achieving the bookmatch effect using natural marble slabs is a luxury that is not always afforded on an average budget.

Lapicida_Bluetta-Bookmatch_Porcelain Tile

There is an alternative though, and that’s where Bluetta, part of the new Lapicida Artis collection, comes in.

Bluetta From The Artis Collection

The amazing new Bluetta porcelain tiles from Lapicida are a simpler and less expensive way to achieve the much sought after bookmatched look. What’s more it gives you tremendous design flexibility.

Bluetta is a new-generation porcelain tile available from Lapicida created using high-definition technology for hyper-realistic detailing. The effect is completely authentic and mesmerising.

By placing just two Bluetta tiles side by side, you can create a dramatic bookmatch effect. The pattern can be varied depending on the way the tiles are positioned – as demonstrated in the three images below. Providing the designer or homeowner with different options to work with.

The bookmatch effect can be repeated and effectively ‘reflected’ to create feature walls of literally any size, including walls for multi-storey atriums. This is also made possible because Bluetta porcelain tiles are considerably thinner and lighter than marble slab. How light and strong are we talking?


Well, to give you an idea, a typical marble slab is 20-30mm thick, whilst Bluetta tiles weigh in at a slim-line 10mm. What’s also unusual about Bluetta as a porcelain tile is its size. Because it is so thin, its weight enables the tiles to be extra-large, whilst remaining relatively easy to handle and straightforward to install. They measure a tremendous 2400cm x 1200cm each and it’s this large format and scale of pattern that gives it its huge impact even on large walls.

Bluetta is part of the exciting new ARTIS collection from Lapicida and at just £142.50 per square meter (inc. VAT) it is entirely affordable for any project from a family kitchen or bathroom right up to a triple height hotel lobby.

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