Lapicida Shaping Mill sets golf’s legendary ‘Vardon Grip’ in stone

When something truly momentous happens, get a permanent record of it. Not simply a written one like this blog, but a physical one, too, and what better material to set it in than impervious natural stone sculpted by one of Lapicida’s two CNC Shaping Mills.

A fascinating recent example is when amateur golfer John Robinson happened upon an old plaster cast in a store room at Harrogate Golf Club in North Yorkshire, England. He didn’t realize what this 20cm battered looking cast of a pair of hands gripping the shapft of a golf club was until he saw the name ‘Harry Vardon’ inscribed on its base.

Who was Harry Vardon? Well, if you know your golf, you’d know that he was a one of the greatest names in golf history with six Open wins under his belt between 1986 and 1914 – a record that still stands today. His famous ‘Vardon Grip’ is still used today by most professional golfers.

Rediscovered back in 1974 by John Robinson, it spent four decades gathering dust until the club became aware of Lapicida’s ability to sculpt and immortalize virtually anything in natural stone.

The cast was originally created to produce a bronze casting of Vardon’s hands but instead were left in a storeroom and forgotten. Over a century later, Lapicda replicated them in marble by first using lasers to scan the contours and creases of the cast to create a 3D model which was then carefully configured before being fed into Lapicida’s huge computer controlled Breton NC1600 Shaping Mill – the only machine of its kind in Europe and one of only three in the world.

An exact replica was sculpted by the shaping mill from a solid block of marble. It took 4 days to sculpt and six days to hand-finish by Lapicida’s expert stone craftsmen.

The result is astoundingly realistic and is a permanent record of this game-changing grip. The marble sculpture is a trophy that will to be presented to the winner of the annual inaugural Vardon Grip Trophy – a 36-hole competition to be held this September.

Lapicida can create bespoke 3D objects sculpted by its CNC Shaping Mills in a wide variety of different natural stone types. If you have a particular commission in mind or simply require more information, please contact Harrogate: or London:

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