Monochrome is a timeless classic look that brings with it incredible versatility. It has an enduring appeal and almost limitless potential across the design spectrum from a bold contemporary look to a genuine vintage feel.

Lapicida is excited to announce the launch of Haute and Antiguo – two new collections of black and white porcelain wall and floor tiles that instantly create the monochrome look. Both are also included in the ARTIS collection of natural limestones, marbles, new-generation porcelains and ceramics carefully curated for the trade.

New Haute Collection

Inspired by Modernist architecture and design, Haute features a strong graphic style of bold geometric shapes and patterns. Bringing a chic contemporary edge to any interior, the collection offers four different designs:

Haute Day – a crisp white new-generation porcelain wall and floor tile with light grey marble veining.

Haute Night – the antithesis of Haute Day, this dark, subtly veined porcelain is striking and brooding.

Haute Deco – a bold Art Deco style patterned porcelain with contrasting black and white squares.

Haute Geo – a highly graphic porcelain tile featuring bisecting monochrome circular geometric shapes.

New Antiguo Collection

Featuring a wonderfully rustic crackled texture, Antiguo is a complete contrast to Haute’s contemporary cool. This collection of antique style black and white tiles has a real vintage feel and charm. They work particularly well together when used in a chequerboard pattern, yet they are equally impressive en masse on their own.

Antiguo Black – a random crackled pattern runs throughout this jet black vintage style porcelain tile.

Antiguo White – subtle light grey crazing and crackles add another dimension to this antique white porcelain tile.

Explore The Possibilities

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