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Used, admired and incredibly enduring for thousands of years, mosaic is a classic finish that is capable of creating highly decorative walls and floors. Now, Lapicida turns a modern eye to the concept, introducing stunning new geometric mosaics in the finest quality Italian natural marbles and limestones. Colours range from pure whites through soft greys to rich blacks, tobacco browns and mossy greens.


The Lapicida Mosaic Collection offers forty-seven highly individual mosaics, each offering unique decorative potential. Many of the patterns match or co-ordinate and several come in different sizes to offer varying degrees of impact. They can also be used to create design details within expanses of plain stone.

Why natural stone mosaics? Marble is much softer and more suited to creating mosaic products, compared to porcelain which is a much harder surface and more difficult to cut, particularly at smaller sizes. The new range of mosaics complements Lapicida’s extensive collection of surfaces. They work especially well with new-generation porcelains that accurately replicate the beautiful intricacies and nuances of natural marbles.


Each mosaic in the Lapicida Mosaic Collection is supplied ready-mounted on 300 x 300 (10mm deep) mesh backing sheets. Each is made up from many smaller pieces of stone called ‘tesserae’, which have been painstakingly hand-assembled. Prices range from £227 to £707 per sqm, depending on the materials and the complexity of the design.


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Featured Products

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