Why matching floor and wall tiles to your kitchen worktop is an achievable luxury

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important focal point of any home. It has to perform numerous functions, but that needn’t stop it from possessing a real wow factor.

If you have opted for a modern design scheme for your kitchen, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the myriad of kitchen unit and worktop options available. One thing you should never overlook though is the impact that the floor can make. After all, it is one of the largest surfaces in any home. 

What if we told you that it was possible to select a stunning contemporary worktop surface, such as Silestone® or Dekton® and Lapicida would be able to provide high quality floor tiles and wall cladding that match precisely and work in harmony with your entire kitchen? Well, having worktops, floor and wall surfaces in the same material that co-ordinate and seamlessly flow into each other is now a reality – with tiles available exclusively through Lapicida. It’s about achieving an overall look, like the matching Dekton® Aura worktop and tiles, shown above centre or Silestone® Iconic White worktop and floor tiles, above right. Alternatively, you can mix complementing worktops and tiles to create contrasts like Dekton® Nilium floor tiles mixed with an Orix worktop and Zenith wall cladding (above left).

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Before we get carried away with the design possibilities, let us first consider what a floor is required to do in practical terms. It needs be durable to stand up to high traffic and everyday wear and tear. Silestone® and Dekton® can better withstand daily traffic compared with more conventional flooring. It also must be safe, easy to clean and low maintenance. Modern, hygienic, technologically advanced surfaces such as Silestone® and Dekton® tick all the boxes.

Back to design. These stone composition surfaces, being man-made, actually provide a wealth of choice in terms of colours as they echo the incredible variety of worktop surface options offered by Cosentino, the manufacturer of Silestone® and Dekton®. Some are ultra-modern pure colours, others mimic veined marbles.

As the official exclusive UK retail distributor of Silestone® and Dekton® tiles, what would we recommend?

In terms of selecting the right kitchen flooring, not all surfaces offer the same levels of both quality or aesthetics. Do remember that you, or your client, will be living with the surface 24/7/365 and the decision you make is one that will stay with you for decades and ultimately affect how you feel about your kitchen.

The very composition of Silestone® and Dekton® tiles is what makes them so exceptionally tough. Infinitely more durable than many other floor types. What that means is that it is effortlessly easy, with simple maintenance, to guarantee a lasting shine and beauty.

Numerous Cosentino surfaces perfectly co-ordinate with their counterpart worktops. The tiles are available in a variety of sizes and thickness, and a range of beautiful colours. We highlight some of our favourites available from Lapicida.


Silestone® is a compound made up of 90 per cent natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily hard and resilient. Iconic White is a pristine, pure white Silestone® floor and wall tile that gives a highly contemporary reflective surface and is available from £269/M² +VAT. White Storm is another matching Silestone® tile that has a subtle texture with the durability of a natural quartz and polymer resin which retails at £219/M² +VAT. Then there’s mid-grey Aluminio Nube with fascinating detailing at £219/M² +VAT. 


Dekton’s Particle Sintering Technology accelerates the metamorphic process of natural stone. This creates unique tiles that are scratch, stain, UV, fire, heat and cold resistant. Aura is a tile that recreates Italian marble, complete with distinctive veining, and retails at £249/M² +VAT. Ventus is a cool flat grey tile that creates a calm presence in contemporary interiors. Finally, Trilium has the industrialized look of oxidized steel with a metallic effect for an interesting edge, which retails at £219/M² +VAT.

Later this week, our partners Cosentino, will be playing a pivotal role at Milan Design Week 2018. So, expect to see some exciting new developments over the next few weeks.

Perfect match

We have partnered with Spanish manufacturer Cosentino to be the sole UK retail distributor of Silestone® and Dekton® flooring and cladding tiles that match Silestone® and Dekton® worktops. Order online at Our expert team is also on hand to answer your questions – simply call 01423 400 100.

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