Lara Bohinc and Lapicida design collaboration creates Solaris Table for Wallpaper* Handmade 2014

In an exclusive design collaboration, luxury designer Lara Bohinc aligns with Lapicida to conceive the Solaris table – a high concept design inspired by the planets and their orbital movements.

Debuting today at Wallpaper* Handmade 2014 at Milan’s Leclettico gallery, the Solaris table is the concept of Lara Bohinc who has an incredible talent for creating products of timeless beauty and modernity, making her one of the most innovative and successful designers of her generation.

Despite working since 2000 as a jewellery design consultant for Cartier, Lara’s work is rooted in her familiarity with industrial processes. It’s something that has completely revitalised the art of jewellery design and now with this stunning new table, Lara has made her first realisation of her Solaris design concept in furniture.

Here is not only the first shots of Lara’s design, but also her rationale and an insight into Lapicida’s craft and engineering that made the Solaris table possible.

The Solaris table, features four circular plates with shining inset dishes representing moons rotating through space around an asymmetrically off-centre axis that is the sun.

Lara and Lapicida have used a pure mix of high tech and handcraft by utilizing innovative technology and ancient techniques to effortlessly glide luxury Italian marbles and handwork brass via perfectly smooth ball bearings.

Working with the stone experts at Lapicida, Lara selected four marbles; Calacatta Oro, Fior di Bosco, Nero Oro and Nero Marquinha, to form a progression from light to dark from the top tier to the bottom.

Of the many technical challenges to overcome, the greatest was the incredible density and weight of the marble. Each tier had to hold its weight yet rotate effortlessly. Lapicida employed a new veneering technique where a strong yet light aircraft grade aluminium honeycomb was fixed to the marble that was then ground down. This slim veneer still retained the visual depth and beauty of the original material. Specialist engineers then devised the internal structure to support the rotating tiers using techniques used in the design of airships. The central steel rotation spindle was hand-crafted to support two specialist Japanese champfer bearings to provide a silky smooth movement.

As each marble plate had to move harmoniously to the next, hunting for veins of gold and balancing the subtle colour shifts between all the materials required all of Lara and Lapicida’s careful consideration. They pulled it off with aplomb though and by pairing the stones with brass, each ring of stone is set like a precious jewel.

The effect is mesmerizing and Lara’s passion and Lapicida’s exquisite craftsmanship was immediately evident when the Solaris table was revealed today.

Last year, Lapicida’s design collaboration with Bethan Gray created a sensation at Wallpaper* Handmade with the striking black and white marble ‘Alice’ tableware collection. Wallpaper* Handmade 2014 at the Leclettico gallery is open from Tuesday 8 April to Saturday 12 April at via San Gregorio 39, Milan.

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