Inspiration, adoration and understanding

To us, it is these three words that intrinsically make us tick. It’s our ethos. We have a total understanding of natural stone, know where to find the very best examples and how to ensure the finest quality and then, through our passion for this fascinating and varied material, our inspiration is brought to life using the very latest techniques and time-honoured craftsmanship. But how do we do that? Let’s deconstruct our philosophy.

Natural stone is complex. The highest quality natural stone can be quite elusive and that’s where knowledge and experience kick in. So far, three generations of the Cherrington family have shaped Lapicida through their knowledge and passion for stone. They have instilled the very highest standards when selecting natural stone, passing this passion and commitment to excellence on to all those that work for Lapicida.

We know where the world’s best quarries are, which seams yield the highest quality stone and have the relationships with the quarries that enable us to secure the exact quality we demand at the best possible price. However, before we buy a single block or slab of marble, limestone, sandstone, slate or travertine, we have a clear vision of its final incarnation. This understanding ensures that the stone has all the qualities required to not only enchant, but also perform.

This leads us seamlessly into inspiration. In the pursuit of perfection, a creative spark is always needed. This is where Lapicida’s Design and Visualisation Team and Technical Production Team constantly inspire each other. It’s a symbiotic relationship that yields incredible results. Our designers, often in collaboration with internationally renowned designers, inspire our technicians to realise their incredibly ambitious designs. Conversely, our technicians continually perfect and develop new techniques that create exciting new possibilities for our designers.

Here’s an example of how the entire team works together to create something so different and desirable. Our stone experts use their knowledge and contacts to reclaim a rare and historic stone floor from a French chateaux. Production techniques then enable the stone to be completely restored and repurposed in a beautiful contemporary pattern created by the Design and Visualization Team. A stunning transformation from old to new.

So what of technology? Lapicida invests heavily in cutting edge equipment and techniques. For example, we have the largest CNC Shaping Mill in Europe – one of only three that exist globally. Designs are created using 3D software, programmed into the computer-controlled mill, and virtually any 3D shape can be sculpted in numerous types of stone. In fact, any object can be scanned and an exact replica reproduced in stone at whatever size our client’s desire, from a block of up to 25 tonnes. It’s a sight to behold.

Let’s not forget though, you can have all this technology, but without the skill and eye of artisan craftspeople, it would account for nothing. That’s why we invest equally seriously in the right people. Expert craftsmen and women who know how to finally bring out the true inherent beauty of natural stone. Hand-finishing and polishing each piece with true dedication to absolute perfection.

Intricate table top to bespoke shower tray. Etched stone surface to sculpted work of art. Inspiration. Adoration. Understanding. They are the three elements that you’ll find in every Lapicida natural stone surface or object.

Our experts are all yours. If you have a live or forthcoming project that you would like us to advise on or any questions answering in relation to natural stone, we are always here to help. To talk, simply contact a member of our team. Harrogate: or London:

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