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Time is fascinating. In terms of interiors, it has a tremendous effect on everything from surfaces to the way we feel about a space. The older certain things appear, the more intriguing the story is behind it. But the ‘Reclaimed Look’ is a spectrum that varies from deep genuine provenance to replicating a moment in history.

So how do you achieve the ‘Reclaimed Look’? You could insist on a genuine, beautiful and exclusive antique limestone floor that is centuries old. Alternatively, you could opt for a highly technical modern porcelain that instantly recreates the appearance and aura of historic natural stone.

Lapicida is one of the leading international authorities on reclaimed natural stone surfaces. We have the ability to source stunning reclaimed stone surfaces, from historic sites and residencies, from locations all over the world. However, stocks of reclaimed material are obviously limited, which is why we are working directly with leading manufacturers to develop perfect ‘lookalike’ porcelain tiles that are almost indistinguishable from historic natural stone they imitate.

Want living proof? Let’s illustrate the theory with three surfaces that share the same reclaimed look, but at three entirely different price-points.

First, Antique Blonde Barr. This elegant limestone is one of the finest antique reclaimed products available anywhere in the world. First used in some of the grandest homes and chateaux in southern France, this exceptional stone has the integrity to be used for both internal and external projects, climate depending. Antique Blonde Barr is £495M2 +VAT, one of Lapicida’s most popular antique reclaimed stones and is the ideal choice for traditional style interiors.

Want limestone but accept that age isn’t everything? Valence is what we call a re-edition of Blonde Barr. It is pure limestone; however, it has been carefully crafted to exactly replicate the original and highly exclusive Blonde Barr. Priced at £199M2 +VAT, Valence is a popular alternative that is available in larger quantities enabling you to create an authentic and cost-effective reclaimed look both internally and externally. What is also deeply appealing about Valence is its ability to sit very comfortably alongside original antique stone.

Finally, want something with 18th century looks but 21st century practicality? You want Villasse Sand. This brand-new surface, recently launched by Lapicida, is part of a stunning range of porcelain wall and floor tiles, faithfully reproduces the realism of ancient limestones found in southern France. Being porcelain, Villasse tiles have the added advantage of being extremely durable, frost-resistant and maintenance-free. What’s more, this high-performance tile costs from just £59M2 +VAT.

For more information about how to achieve the ‘Reclaimed Look’ using different types of products together in the same project, speak to one of our stone specialists on 01423 400 100. Samples are available to order via

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