Time immortalises character and shapes the future of interior design. The strongest, most resilient designs with integrity never fade. Decades and centuries can have a gradual, and often highly desirable, effect on traditional materials.


Our new Lifetile 2020 collection of decorative floor and wall tiles is inspired by an aesthetic juxtaposition of classical plasterwork gently faded by the passage of time, beautiful natural timbers, vibrant mural-styled ceramics and dramatic marbles. The single thread that unites these subtle and stunning surfaces is the fact that they are not natural stone, but porcelain.

Faded Opulence Boiserie

Plaster and clay degrade over time, patinas form, surfaces are smoothed, the everyday wear and tear of life, the atmosphere, light and the elements can leave their marks.

Traditional thinking is that these factors are impossible to replicate. New-generation porcelain manufacturing technologies force you to think again. Faded Opulence is a look, feel and sensibility we associate with a number of Lifetile surfaces that seem to perfectly capture a particular moment in time.

Faded Opulence Boiserie porcelain (above left) features a faint panel effect and has a natural finish. These large format 2700 x 1200 x 6mm tiles come in three soft colourways: Ivory, Rope and Grey. Faded Opulence is a 900 x 900 x 9mm tile designed to coordinate with Faded Opulence Boiserie faux panelling. Available in: Ivory, Rope and Grey.

Gold Leaf & Tin Panel

Precious and utilitarian metals such as Gold and Tin have inspired our opulent Gold Leaf and vintage Tin Panel tiles: Gold Leaf is an opulent 1000 x 1000 x 10mm decorative porcelain floor and wall tile with subtle hints of gold. Available in Green, Blue and Ivory. Tin Panel is inspired by pressed tin tiles used to clad ceilings in 19th Century American homes, mimicking plasterwork. These 1193 x 446 x 8mm textured ceramic wall tiles are available in six vintage colourways: white, yellow, green, gold, silver and cherry.

Geometric Porcelain

Geometric Porcelain (above centre) is inspired by traditional cement and majolica tiles and has a 3D geometric look. Ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors and walls. A 200 x 200 x 9mm tile with a natural finish.

Kingswood Versailles & Plank

Aged wood and the craft of marquetry are replicated with our Kingswood large format parquet tiles and planks: Kingswood Versailles (above right) is a wood-effect 900 x 900 x 12mm porcelain tile with an authentic parquet pattern. Designed to coordinate with plain

plank, they are available in four warm, soft tones: Taupe, Maple, Honey and Brown. Kingswood is a wood-effect porcelain 1510 x 240 x 11mm plank with the look of sawn timber.

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