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Enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty this Summer with Lapicida natural stone

With the current trend for extending living spaces outside, selecting the right natural stone products for your garden has become even more important.  The possibilities are endless, so where do you begin?  Are you looking for a traditional design with carefully selected stone objects or a more contemporary look? 

The Lapicida Design Team has extensive experience in creating exterior natural stone spaces that surprise, delight and bring you closer to nature. They know exactly which stones not only look the part but also have all the characteristics to perform for specific purposes too.

Rebecca Cherrington, based in our Harrogate showroom, has put together her ‘Top 10 On-Trend Exterior Natural Stones’ and it makes very interesting reading:

  1. Reclaimed English.
  2. Sawn 6-side York Flags.
  3. New Riven York Flags.
  4. Fossil Blue Sandblasted.
  5. Blue Flamed and Brushed Limestone.
  6. Bordeaux Argento .
  7. Coffee
  8. Carbon Gold brushed granite.
  9. Desert Black.
  10. Design Line Black Inferno.

These trends reflect not only designers’ and architects’ appetites for specific styles, they also convey current trends in exterior stone.

Consulting a stone specialist before specifying any stone for an exterior project is a must, be it for aesthetic or technical reasons. Constant contact with chlorinated water, non-slip surface finishes, high traffic areas – these are all important considerations that need proper investigation before selecting any stone. Strength, porosity and durability are also factors that can determine the correct stone for a specific purpose.

The projects illustrated on the left, from top to bottom, show two examples of recent projects where designers and architects sought Lapicida’s expertise. Bordeaux Argento courtyard and a Reclaimed English flagged terrace plus the Sawn York Flagged garden at Lapicida’s Harrogate headquarters.

If you have a forthcoming exterior project that you need specialist technical and design expertise on, contact a member of our team. Harrogate: Rebecca.Cherrington@lapicida.com or London: kim.graham@lapicida.com.

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