This month, we look into the future with the most forward-thinking theme we have ever explored... ‘Future-proof’. Our thinking is based around the concept of a contemporary look and feel that is designed to embody the technical aspects of high performance new materials. It’s no coincidence either as our inspiration was ignited by our new partnership with Cosentino, manufacturer of Silestone® and Dekton® worktops, wall and floor surfaces.


What exactly do we mean by a contemporary look? Think a style that appeals globally, influences architects, interior designers and is the choice of the modern family. How it manifests itself in spaces is by melding clean, crisp lines within expansive uninterrupted interiors. The colour palette is cool, tonal, neutral and often interspersed with strong accent colours. The result? A functional, stylish yet timeless aesthetic.

Contemporary architecture and interiors have wide appeal, especially when it comes to design professionals and their clients. Increasingly popular are modern schemes that incorporate classic elements, creating an authentic feel.


The best design is often rooted in strong foundations, but a genuine timelessness, too. This integrity is an important catalyst when designing spaces for everyday life. Why is authentic modern design so popular? Could it be that whilst designers embrace new technologies, timeless design should respect modern, life too? Does our emotional involvement and connection with the environment we inhabit or work in create warmth or a sense of sanctuary? It’s certainly a credible theory.

So where does craftsmanship sit with contemporary design? You’d be surprised.

Putting ourselves under the microsope, Lapicida is expert in taking master craftsmanship honed over decades and combining it with some of the most cutting edge technologies in surfaces. Our Harrogate workshops are renowned for bespoke design and manufacturing. We marry highly technical state-of-the-art processes with traditional artisan stonemasonry techniques. Our team of highly talented stonemasons do incredible things with natural stone and manmade surfaces, expertly crafting tiles, slabs and intricate stone floors for both interior and exterior applications.


To illustrate the point, we have carefully selected the following products for their style and simplicity. Spanning marble, limestone and porcelain, these products are timeless with enduring appeal. Like so many surfaces in our collection, they are indeed future-proof.

Calacatta Moonlight – an authentic white marble with dramatic veining in variations from light grey to black.  Specify this surface if you want to add ‘gloss’ to your kitchen or bathroom. £350/M² +VAT.

Dekton® Nilium – a new addition to Lapicida, this sintered stone floor tile, shown above right, is one of the many highlights of Dekton’s Industrial series. Inspired by a sliver metal, it represents the beginning of the oxidation process of a material. Lapicida is the sole UK retail distributor of Silestone® and Dekton® flooring and cladding tiles. Nilium floor tiles blend particularly well with the Dekton® Orix worktop also shown here. Both from £219/M² +VAT.

Silk Georgette –  a chic vein cut marble that is often described as ‘white wood’ because of its resemblance to the grains found in light-coloured wood. It is shown, above centre, in our classic Hungarian Point design, a contemporary take on parquet for interior floors. £195/M² +VAT

Hepworth – a beautiful grey limestone which will introduce warmth and elegance to any interior scheme. This is a natural stone surface that ages gracefully over time. £99/M² +VAT.

Cardoso Ivory – shown, above left, this innovative porcelain floor tile is inspired by genuine Cardoso sandstone found in northern Europe. Select Cardoso Ivory if you want to bring a luminous, spacious feel to an indoor or outdoor space. £69/M² +VAT.

Want to discuss any specific contemporary surface with a Lapicida expert? Our team is on hand to answer your questions. Simply contact Lapicida on +44 (0)1423 400 100 or email

For more examples of ‘Future-proof’ surfaces, click here to explore our 'Design Insight: Future-proof' Pinterest board.

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Calacatta Moonlight
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Silk Georgette
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