Eclectic Fusion

After ‘City Sleek’, we flip completely in the opposite direction with our latest Design Insight. ‘Eclectic Fusion' is a diverse mix of styles and pieces from different periods that are united to create a surprisingly cohesive, yet relaxed look. It involves clever coordination of carefully selected pieces and soft furnishings combined with a consistent theme running throughout. Think beautiful floor and wall tiles.

This style could be described as bohemian and eclectic, creating cultural mixtures that are of genuine artistic interest. And the people who really live the ‘Eclectic Fusion’ look? They are designers and non-conformists who do not really follow any particular style but love a mix of elements from antiques to pop art.


At first glance, you might think that this look is random, almost chaotic. Think again. ‘Eclectic Fusion’ is actually one of the most difficult styles to achieve effectively. It is a highly individual look that greatly appeals to artists, designers and architects. The final result is often one that is hard to imitate due to the unique choices that are involved.

The real art to achieving ‘Eclectic Fusion’ is the skillful selection and assemblage of furniture and fashions. Each item is specifically chosen for its individual appeal, but somehow work brilliantly together.

So how do you avoid creating a jumbled mess? Good design, carefully chosen décor and layout all help, but for the ‘Eclectic Fusion’ look to work well, incorporate a common thread to your interior scheme, such as a beautiful floor or wall tile.

Silk Georgette Hungarian Point (above left) is a vein cut marble that works superbly in both traditional and contemporary settings. The beige and cream tones in the marble create a wood grain effect lending itself to many different styles. A perfect finish for an eclectic interior. It is also available as slab which is suitable for floors and walls. So, not only is it eye-catching, it is highly versatile too.

There are many things you can do to create that homely, relaxed atmosphere often seen in eclectic interiors. Try combining colours and adding finishing touches to your scheme with patterned rugs and vibrant cushions, or introducing functional items such as shelves to display your books and artifacts.

It’s a trend that has morphed into a style in its own right. Designers and homeowners are demanding new products to help them achieve the ‘Eclectic Fusion’ look at a range of price points.


Antique English Reclaimed stone with its wonderful nuances and individuality, and the subtle tones of Biblical Limestone provide a wonderful backdrop for anyone wishing to create the ‘Eclectic Fusion’ look. A range of ceramic and new-generation porcelain products are arriving in the marketplace daily. These are really catching the attention of those looking to create an eclectic-styled interior, but at a lower price point.

Lapicida also has a selection of beautifully designed tiles, such as the Misto ceramic wall tile which is handmade in the Azulejo tin tradition. The blue and white design is a contemporary take on a classical theme, mixing together patterned fragments. Then there is Cordoba Visconti (above right) from a collection of ceramic floor and wall tiles that have the charm and elegance of a vintage terracotta tile, but with the durability to cope with 21st century lifestyles. This collection combines patterned and plain tiles and is ideal for creating the cohesion needed for an eclectic design scheme.


Works of art play a big part in achieving this eclectic look. Have fun experimenting by placing a bold contemporary painting against a backdrop of 18th century period furnishings or strategically positioning a statement stone sculpture in a modern interior.

It is also possible to create a strong focal point using stone and tiles. As a stone and tile specialist, Lapicida sources materials from around the world. We use sophisticated stone-working equipment to cut specialist stone to any design. In our collection, we have a beautiful French Limestone Fire Surround (shown above centre) in a room finished with a highly sophisticated Genuine Antique Barr De Montpellier Limestone floor. The provenance of this reclaimed limestone is fascinating as it dates back to the late 18th to early 19th century and is sourced from grand homes around Montpellier.

Feature walls are also a dramatic way to decorate with stone and tile – more on this exciting subject soon.


Lapicida are here to help you use stone, porcelain and ceramic surfaces to create the Eclectic Fusion look in your home or business at a variety of different price points. Simply call +44 (0)1423 400 100 or email to speak to one of our experts.

For more eclectic inspiration, click here to explore our ‘Design Spotlight: Eclectic Fusion’ Pinterest Board.

Silk Georgette Small Hungarian Point
Genuine Antique English Reclaimed Flag
Genuine Antique English Reclaimed Coursed

Biblical Dark Grey
Biblical Grey Gold
Biblical Ivory

Cordoba Visconti
Genuine Antique Barr De Montpellier Limestone

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