Our Colossus design insight focuses on the large scale use of surface materials, from impressive bookmatched and quartermatched slab to feature walls and floors. How surfaces can create a monumental statement in scale. How large format natural stone and porcelain can be used expansively to accentuate space at every price point.

Dramatic Bookmatch & Quartermatch

Want to add scale and drama to an interior? Bookmatching and quartermatching large format tiles to create stunning walls makes a style statement of your intent. Whether you opt for natural marble slabs or stone-effect porcelain tiles, the effect can be highly arresting.

The Enormity of Natural Stone

Nuanced and natural, stone – in particular marble – is the perfect medium for bringing large scale grandeur and interest to a project. Each slab or tile has completely unique veining and character. It has an unmistakable air of quality, permanence and authority. It adds a luxurious touch to an interior scheme.

The Epic Practicality of Porcelain

Porcelain is the perfect medium for large format tiles and slab. Incredibly durable, new-generation production techniques also make porcelain endearingly beautiful and capable of recreating the look of marble, limestone and ceramics completely convincingly.

Explore the Possibilities

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