This ‘Books of the Month’ feature, in partnership with Potterton Books, focuses on two new titles from Beta-Plus, a publisher that specialises in luxury books about architecture, interiors and gardens. From City Sleek apartment living to the idyllic surroundings of an historic farmhouse, both books have a high-quality finish, with hundreds of inspiring pictures. Trilingual: English / French / Dutch.


This book presents seventeen stunning apartments, lofts and penthouses recently completed by renowned interior architects. The design of a contemporary apartment requires an approach that differs from the skills employed to create a traditional house. The architect must take into account everything from the limited space to the lack of incident light.

This new title in Beta-Plus’s ‘Ultimate Guide Series’ contains a wealth of information for anyone intending to carry out design work on a modern apartment.

The scheme we have chosen to feature is called ‘From the Eiffel Tower to Atomium’. Inspired by the view of Brussels from the apartment, architect Pascal Van Der Kelen has created a space for living as well as for displaying art. The owners, previously based in Paris, brought with them an art collection including some striking archaeological pieces. The result: a contemporary design incorporating a fantastic mix of materials - oak, glass and marble. And a terrace complete with sculpture and panoramic views.


As Beta-Plus go in search of their favourite timeless interiors from recent years, this collection is in the true essence of timeless living. An anthology of beautiful homes ­– from a house dating back to 1642 to a pied de terre in Paris.

The scheme we’ve chosen to feature is a 19th century farmhouse in the countryside of Antwerp. Filled with antiquities, contemporary art, items of curiosity, stunning colours and beautiful fabrics. A stairway in aged oak, finished with a simple iron railing. A classic black limestone floor offset by an antique refectory table. Quality materials and authentic furniture create an ambience that is hard to match.

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